... the planning committee who volunteered their time and talents to making this our best reunion yet. Most of them donated door prizes, too. In addition to the co-chairs Jeanie Sprowles Landgraf and Dian Tabacheck Hackel, they are Carolyn Galligan Kirchdorfer, Bob Kleehamer, Frank Lanham, Judy Mauk Hill, Jack Sharp, Don Smith, and Bev Tussey Chesser.

... Ray Day who gave up his Saturday morning to guide us on our tour of Providence. He's the best salesman Providence could ever hope to have.

... Kenny Huber who kicked in enough money to see that the Providence Class of 1960 Endowment Fund was fully funded ($5000), and to Jim Walker who tossed in another $3000 at the brunch on Sunday morning. If you would like to add to our endowment, you may donate via PayPal here.

... Dave Corcoran who donated copies of National Geographics's Outrage, Passion, and Uncommon Sense to be given as door prizes. It is a swell collection of editorials written over the last 150 years. As Dave is an editorial writer himself, the subject is no doubt close to his heart, and it was very generous of him to share his passion with us.

... everyone who participated in filling out the questionnaire, sharing past and future dreams.

... all who made the effort to attend, thereby enriching our experience.

... those  who have shared (and hopefully WILL share) photos from the weekend.

Surely, I have forgotten someone. Tell me and I will make corrections.
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